You’ve seen it all and we have seen it all over the years!

Clubbing and parties in the UK have mutated constantly from thousands in fields, to sweaty superclubs and leaky warehouses. On the beach in Brighton or a maze of underground concrete in east London, its been emotional.

Here at Daze Of Summer you’ll be happy to know that we focus on the better parts of all these experiences and bring it home to you in a nice little package.

We won’t keep you out all night, but we will bring you the best so called Superstar DJ’s to your town, playing the biggest floorfillers of yesterday and today whilst retaining that all important intimacy in comfortable and unique venues.

We know you like to dance, we all like to party – and of course our DJ’s love to hear themselves play, so Daze Of Summer is coming to a town near you!

For those that used to go out from 12 till 7 and now prefer 7 till 12, we have Daze Of Summer.